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Consulting with Purpose

An expert executive in driving growth, increase revenues, optimize operational performance, improving profitability and the Return on the Investment (ROI) as well as the stakeholders added value. With 18 years of experience in more than 10 different industries and a track record of success in setting up, building, growing and leading performance-driven enterprises in both the public sector and private sectors as well as nonprofit NGOs by leveraging organizational strengths and the available resources.

Developing a responsive directing long-term strategy as well as launching multiple strategic initiatives for highest impact, setting up policies and leading change management as well as instilling new culture in the work environment to ensure alignment with the general strategic direction.

Passionate about Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and lessons learned from each Minister and their Accelerator teams, from my experience from being the Chief Executive Officer of the Family Business, consisting of 7 different companies with 800 employees. Alongside being the CEO, acting Chief Operation Officer and acting Finance Director, designed innovative reporting structure to ensure proper governance and addressed potential risks, building strategic alliances with all stakeholders setting up 4 regional offices in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Self-reflective and appreciate intellectual discussions, confident and contagiously enthusiastic. Enjoys breaking down silos and encourage sharing knowledge between all stakeholders and across different industries, functions and divisions between organizations.

A strong believer of reasoning, encouraging different groups to work together for a shared purpose and to achieve shared goals, ensuring all stakeholders are included as part of the team and not left out.

A dynamic co-active coach focusing on continuous self and other improvement published author and public speaker. Interested in performance art, specifically the film industry. 


Finding True Purpose | Sultan AlShaali | TEDxOudMetha

In his talk, Sultan Alshaali takes us through an introspective journey, prompting us to look at key elements which help us to connect with our true purpose and to optimize the resources which contribute to doing so successfully. Sultan Alshaali, is the founding Director of the Government Accelerators in the UAE Prime Minister’s Office overseeing the operations of the world’s first Government Accelerators, which is a platform for cross-sectoral government focusing on challenges.




Sultan is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective. He is always on top of industry trends an avid reader. Sultan Al Shaali has this endless supply of anecdotal situations that help create a better product and a more thorough understanding of the customer requirements for a successful business relationship.



Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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